About products

What is the weight limit of Triangles and Ugi Bugi GYM?

100 kg

Can Triangles and Ugi Bugi Gym used outside?

Triangles and Gym can be used outside with care. They are treated with ecological wax and are water repellent, can be dirty with a damp cloth. However, not to lose the brilliance, we recommend that you take them indoors if you start with rain or snow.

Do products come assembled?

To save on shipping costs, our products are sent to you unassembled. All you need is a standard size allen key and we promise it’s very easy.

What wood would you use?

Furniture and toys are made of polished, high-end aspen or alder wood.

Where do you make your products?

Our products are 100% designed and made in Europe, Latvia.

We would be glad to answer any of your question. Please contact us if you don’t find answer on your question.

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