Train Set Figure of 8 Safety Set

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Red means stop, green means go!

Teach children about safety signals with this figure eight railway set. It comes with a train, a conductor, a passenger, and signals to stop the train and get it moving again. 

Start by building the track configuration shown on the box. Load the passenger and his luggage on the train and drive round the track and through the tunnel. The railway worker can drive the train or stand outside and wave his safety sign.

Stop the train by setting the safety signal to red. Then give it the all clear by changing to green.

  • Learn About Safety Signals: Introduce children to the concept of safety signals with this engaging figure eight railway set. Featuring a train, conductor, passenger, and signals to stop and go, it’s a fun and educational way to teach little ones about railway safety.

  • Complete Set: This set includes everything needed to create an exciting railway adventure, including tracks, an engine and carriage, a tunnel, two safety signs, and a rail signal.

  • Interactive Play: Encourage imaginative play with play figurines, including a passenger with luggage and a rail worker with a hand-held safety sign. Children can take on different roles and scenarios, enhancing their creativity and storytelling skills.

  • Educational Value: Beyond play, this railway set serves as a valuable educational tool, helping children learn about railway safety concepts such as stopping at red signals and waiting for the all-clear signal before proceeding.


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